May 2012

Chewy's Balls
With a very clear lead indeed, our winners were Chewy's Balls, who have asked us to point out they've now won five times... yes, we apologise for only starting to put pictures up last month.

Fuckin' Clown Shoes
There was a tie for runner-up at the half-time stage, but Fuckin' Clown Shoes pulled ahead by just half a point to take second place.

Birthday Raffle Winners
And as it was our birthday, we had a movie montage raffle... and here are the winners enjoying their bubbly.

Team Score (/70)
Chewy's Balls 59
Fuckin' Clown Shoes 52
Tall & Blonde 51.5
Master Blaster 43
I Wish It Was A Disney Night 41.5
Why I'm Quitting Tobacco 41
The Wet Bandits 39.5
The Small Boat 33
Subtotal, Subpar 31.5
We Know Where We're Going 30.5
Jack & Frankie 27