June 2012

Ray Bradburied
With an exceptional lead, the winners of our 'Made in Britain' special were Ray Bradburied.

Four out of Five
Just half a point separated second and third, but the silver medal went to Four out of Five.

The Analrapists
Which left The Analrapists taking the bronze medal and the champagne.

Team Score (/70)
Ray Bradburied 62
Four out of Five 56.5
Analrapists 56
No Quiz For Old Men 50.5
Quiz Akabuse 49
Alien Squid Baby and Chips 48.5
V for Vienetta 47.5
All Quiet on the Jeremy Hunt 46
The Michael F Assbenders 46
Kiddy Fiddler on the Roof 43
I Spit On Your Sister's Face 42
Pussy Galore: Shaven Not Furred 41.5
Arse To Mouth Gave Me A Urinary Tract Infection 41
Mace Windu's Got a Purple One 39
Arse Ticklers and Faggots Fan Club 38
We Love Lamp 38
Prome-three-us 38
Quiz Akabusi 31.5