June 2012

The Man With The Golden Donut
It was a very exciting finish that all came down to a tie-break, with The Man With The Golden Donut ending up with the win.

Les Dawson's Creek
Doing equally well on the quiz but losing the tie break, Les Dawson's Creek were runners up.

Team Score (/70)
The Man With The Golden Donut 58
Les Dawson’s Creek 58
Quiz And Let Die 56.5
Mild Peril And Some Sexy Scenes 49.5
It’s The Hope I Can’t Stand 48
I Drink Your Milkshake 44.5
Geeks of Hazzard 44
When One Is In Egypt, One Should
Delve Deeply Into Its Treasures
Hope There’s A Sports Round Soon 42
Mitch And Murray 41.5
Quiz On My Face 41.5
They Mostly Quiz At Night… Mostly 41.5
Quiz Quiz-Tofferson 39.5
We No Speak English 34.5
Team Disastro 31
Seven De Niros 31