July 2012

Fuckin' Clown Shoes
An outstanding performance (11 points clear lead!) gave Fuckin' Clown Shoes the win at the Blockbuster Special.

Insert Pun Here
And, much like last month, Insert Pun Here ended up in the runners up position.

Team Score (/70)
Fuckin' Clown Shoes 61.5
Insert Pun Here 50.5
Deckard's Midnight Runners 49.5
This Quiz Team Name Is Almost As Shit As 3D 47
Cats In 3D Glasses 45.5
The Wet Bandits 42.5
Ripples 39.5
Buccaneers 39
Gone With The Titanic 29.5
Leather Daddies 28
What Are You Doing, Dave? 27.5
The Green Mile High Club 26.5
James Taylor Fan Club 25.5