September 2012

Pint of Scheider?
It was a close competition between the top teams, but Pint of Scheider? managed to keep their lead through to the end.

Clown Shoes
Clown Shoes (who seem to have cleaned up their team name) were our runners up.

Team Score (/70)
Pint of Scheider? 59
Clown Shoes 57
LL Cool Shark 55.5
Rodents of Unusual Size (ROUS!) 55
Awesome Sauce On My Chewy's Balls 51
A Quiz Before Dying 48
The Bad Hat Harrys 45.5
Insert Pun Here 43.5
Risky Quizzness 43.5
DR Robert 42
Bitches Be Trippin 41
Fuck Off Ivan - It's Alive! 40
Gone With The Titanic 36
Ill-Tempered Sea Bass 34.5
The Wet Bandits! 33
26 Candles 30
Where's Linda?! 24