November 2012

Clive Dunn & Dusted
There are now three teams in the history of YGNABB who have won three quizzes in a row. Can they break the record and make it four in a row next month? They are Clive Dunn & Dusted.

They were first at half time, but dropped down to second by the end. But Metro(sexual)Dome still went home with the amazing movie t-shirts..

And our broze medal winners were The Analrapists.

Team Score (/70)
Clive Dunn & Dusted 59
Metro(sexual)Dome 56.5
Analrapists 55
Boogaloo Knights 51
Kiddie Fiddler On The Roof 50.5
The Wrath of Khats 50
The Power of Quiz Compels You 46.5
The Derek Zoolander School For Kids Who Can't
Read Good And Want To Do Other Stuff Good Too
(insert humorous name here) 44.5
Everyone Sing Happy Birthday To Matt 44.5
Macguffin 43
Dial M For Minge 42.5
Quattro Grammagio 42.5
Clive's Dunn For 42.5
Bardem's Wonky Nostrils 42
Pinky & The Brain 40.5
Jim'll Quiz It 40.5
Jack Reacharound 40.5
Kate Ryan's Craic 39
The Knutsers 33
V For Vienetta 33
Insert Pun Here 32.5
Benjamin Raspail 30.5
Pricks And Gambill 24.5