January 2013

Mild Peril And Some Sexy Scenes

Our first quiz of 2013 Upstairs At The Ritzy ended in a tie break (how exciting!) A more cynical estimation of the combined box office gross of the Marvel Cinematic Universe films meant that Mild Peril And Some Sexy Scenes won the tie break and were our worthy winners.

Milk Was A Bad Choice

With equal top marks, but losing out on the tie break, Milk Was A Bad Choice were our runners up.

The New Warriors

And as The Ritzy had quite a few goodies to give us this month, we awarded a third-place prize - to The New Warriors.

Team Score (/70)
Mild Peril And Some Sexy Scenes 54
Milk Was A Bad Choice 54
The New Warriors 51.5
Clothed In Immense Power 49.5
My 65 Million Year Amber Hell 47.5
The Shitty Beatles 45.5
They Mostly Quiz At Night… Mostly 45.5
Gonna Need A Bigger Team 44.5
Jeremy Irons! (Zero Dark Flirty…) 44.5
Quiz On My Generic Quiz Name 43.5
You’re Gonna Need A Bigger Space 43
Natural Born Quizzers 41
I’ll Shut Your Butt Down! 39.5
Guestimate 36
Pop Quiz, A$$holes 31.5
Mickey And Mallory 31
Independence Pun 30.5
The Donut Connection 30
Milky Joe & The Bandits 25
No, Mr Bond, I Expect You To Die 22.5
Threesome Stars 20