February 2013

Faster Pussycat! Quiz! Quiz!
With a very convincing lead, Faster Pussycat! Quiz! Quiz! were our winners.

Dude, Where's My Answer?
And with a good second half performance, Dude, Where’s My Answer? were our runners up.

Team Score (/70)
Faster Pussycat! Quiz! Quiz! 62.5
Dude, Where’s My Answer? 56
Milk Was A Bad Choice 55
The Wolverines 55
“Why Are You Shouting?” 49.5
The Mewling Quims 48
My 20-Year Quiz Hell 46
The Warriors 46
They Mostly Quiz At Night… Mostly 46
A Donut With A View 44.5
Les Quizerables 44
Adam + The Ant 43.5
Quiz Virgins 43
The Justquiz League 43
Cleverly Hills Cop 40.5
Steambags United 40
Jiggy Beasts Of The Southern Wild 37
Camel 1 37
Blue Milk 36
Pop Quiz, A$$holes! 35
Three’s A Crowd 34
Ollie Frenzy 31.5