March 2013

Mild Peril And Some Sexy Scenes
Mild Peril And Some Sexy Scenes were our March winners, and they took with them the Picturehouse cinema tickets.

Tall, Blonde, Black And Irish
Tall, Blonde, Black & Irish were our runners up and got the InBetweeners box set, Hitchcock T-shirt, Wreck-It Ralph toy and the posters.

Team Score (/70)
Mild Peril And Some Sexy Scenes 55
Tall, Blonde, Black & Irish 52
Not The Bees!!! 51.5
Milk Was A Bad Choice 51
I Drink Your Milkshake 51
The Shitty Beatles 49.5
Awesome Welles 46.5
Geeks of Hazzard 45.5
The Hunt For Fred October 45
Jurassic Parp 44.5
Fact Hunt 43
What’s In A Name? 42.5
Quizard of Oz 42.5
Clothed In Immense Power! 41.5
Donut Ass 41
You’ve Got Male (Genitalia) 39
Alice Failed To Approve A Team Name 37