April 2013

Quizvenzhane Wallis
It was another podium place for these guys, this time storming home in first place: Quizvenzhane Wallis.

Mild Peril & Some Sexy Scenes
And our runners up for April were Mild Peril & Some Sexy Scenes.

Team Score (/70)
Quizvenzhane Wallis 56.5
Mild Peril & Some Sexy Scenes 55.5
Trivia Newton John: Let’s Get Quizzical 54.5
Milk Was A Bad Choice 52.5
The Shitty Beatles 52.5
Tall, Blonde, Black, Curly & Irish 52.5
They Mostly Quiz At Night, Mostly 52
The Dark Knight Quizzes 50.5
I Quizzed In My Pants Again 49
My Donut Laundrette 46
The Geeks Of Hazzard 45.5
Try Harder 3 41.5
Driving Tom Daley 41.5
The People Behind The Fourth Wall 41.5
Freddie Starr ATM’d My Hamster 41.5
Fact Hunt 34.5
Never Plan, Just Turn Up 34