May 2013

Who's Died?
With a two-point lead, Who’s Died? took the win and the T-shirts.

Metro(sexual)Dome were in joint third place at half time, but managed to pull themselves up to second by the end.

Hitchcock & Balls
It was another tie-break situation, this time for third place; and, once again, Hitchcock & Balls did some careful calculation to win.

Team Score (/70)
Who’s Died? 61.5
Metro(sexual)Dome 59.5
Hitchcock & Balls 58.5
The Analrapists Into Darkness 58.5
Four Out Of Five 56.5
Colossal Velocity 55
The Shitty Beatles 53.5
Boogaloo Knights 53
Laura’s Scared Of Pacman 52.5
V For Vienetta 50
1.21 Quiz-A-Watts 48.5
Mighty Ducks 48
Quiztopher Lee 47.5
Army Of Two! 43.5
Star Trek Into Dartmouth 42
Forrest Gimp 39.5
The Wobbly Table 34
In Last Place 31
Batfish 5.5