July 2013

Mild Peril & Some Sexy Scenes
Switching venues this month, Mild Peril & Some Sexy Scenes were our winners.

Cheadle In A Haystack
Behind them by just one point, Cheadle In a Haystack were our runners up.

Team Score (/70)
Mild Peril & Some Sexy Scenes 60
Cheadle In A Haystack 59
The ROUSs (Rodents Of Unusual Size) 58.5
Joey Jo-Jo Junior Shabadoo 55
The Expendables 54
The Big Fact Hunt 52.5
Chewy’s Balls: Redux 51.5
Quiztopher Walken 49.5
Pacific Rim 2: The Porno 49
Big Trouble With James in China 48.5
Pacific Rim Job 48
Closest To The Bar 47
Se7en 47
We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Team 46.5
Manic Street Practitioners 46
I Am Siege Face 41.5
Deckard’s Midnight Runners 41
Sizzle Housemaids 41
The Rockford Peaches 40
Gone With The Titanic 40
The Really Really Ridiculously Good Looking Team 39
The Unusual Suspects 37
I Like Your Film T-shirt 36
R+B 30.5
The Late Arrivals 26
The Hurt Lockers 26