December 2013

Rodents Of Unusual Size
December’s winners were The ROUSs (Rodents Of Unusual Size).

Joey Ho Ho Ho! Junior Shabadoo
And our runners up were the festively named Joey Ho Ho Ho! Junior Shabadoo.

Team Score (/70)
The ROUSs (Rodents Of Unusual Size) 60
Joey Ho Ho Ho! Junior Shabadoo 58.5
Elite Hunting 55.5
Gone With The Titanic 55.5
Chewy’s Missing Balls 51.5
RIP Morgan Freeman 48.5
Everyone’s A Winner, Except Michael 48
If You Want A DVD, I’ve Got Some For Sale 47.5
Don’t Cry For Me Marge And Tina 44
Fozzy Bear And The Moopets 42
Stuffed Crust 39
Wookiepaedia 39
Reservoir Frogs!! 37
Cult Of Uhs 37
Quizlamic Jihad 35
The Warriors 28
Manic Street Practitioners 21.5