December 2013

The Shitty Beatles
And amazing second half saw The Shitty Beatles move from joint 5th place to winners!

Mild Peril And Some Sexy Scenes
Knocking Mild Peril And Some Sexy Scenes into the runners-up position.

Out Of Focus
And as it was Christmas, we awarded a third place; to Out Of Focus.

Team Score (/70)
The Shitty Beatles 60
Mild Peril And Some Sexy Scenes 59
Out Of Focus 58.5
Why Is The Picture Round So Hard? 52.5
They Mostly Quiz At Night... Mostly 51.5
Tall & Blonde 51
Milk Was A Bad Choice 51
Mitch And Murray 45.5
This Quiz Needs A Bigger Boat 41.5
Jurassic Parp 40
The Malevolent Seven 39
Ritzy Quizness 38
Team Anna & Her Minions 35.5
Bad Motherf#ckers! 34.5
Bad Hair Day 31
The Crispy Bits 30.5
Man On The Sauce 28
Kirk & Spock 26
Jules & Vincent 25
Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animals 24