March 2014

Two months in row, Ramis-érables were our winners for the March quiz.

Hitchcock & Balls
A stunning second-half performance brought Hitchcock & Balls up from joint 5th at half time to joint 2nd at the end.

The Analrapists: Rise Of An Empire
And as they went home before the final scores, they weren’t around to answer the tie-break question, pushing The Analrapists: Rise Of An Empire into the third place position.

Team Score (/70)
Ramis-érables 59
Hitchcock & Balls 58
The Analrapists: Rise Of An Empire 58
The Shabbos Rollers 56.5
And The Oscar For Least Bullet-Proof Door Goes To... 56
Metro(sexual)Dome 55.5
Dolores Go Home 55
The One And Only Adele Dazeem 55
You Shall Not Passssss!!! 54
The Men Who Stare At Goatees 53
Doc & The C.H.U.D.s 52.5
Team Minions 50
V For Vienetta 49.5
Chill Out, Quizwad 48.5
The Triumvirate 48
The Penrith People 48
Raiders Of The Lost Arse 46
Egon, Oh I, Oh I, I Better Learn How To Face It, Egon... 45
Fleshtromboner 44.5
Then There Were Two 44
Reservoir Frogs!! 43.5
Meaty Fists 43
An Alan Smithee Production 43
Jeepers Creepers 41.5
Ben Jammin Rowlands 40.5
We Mostly Come At Night, Mostly 38.5
We’ll Google That One 38
Howl’s Moving Areshole 37
Seymour Butts 35.5
Quizz On My Face 31.5
Confidently Firm Broccoli 31