April 2014

Analrapists 2: Berendal
Only half a point separated each of our top three teams, but it was Analrapists 2: Berendal who were victorious.

Auty But Nice
And moving up from third place at half time to take silver: Auty But Nice.

Shabbos Rollers
Whereas Shabbos Rollers lost their half-time lead to end up in third place.

Team Score (/70)
Analrapists 2: Berendal 61
Auty But Nice 60.5
Shabbos Rollers 60
Boogaloo Knights Assemble 59
Fuck You, That’s Our Team Name! 57.5
Lee’s 27th! Bigger, Blacker and Uncut! 54
Hitchcock & Balls 54
Quiz This The Real Life 53
The Return Of The Max 52
Don’t Know 51
Brotherhood Of The Travelling Pants 50
Rich Is A Flake 48.5
V For Vienetta 47
The Inexplicables 45
Mary Lee 45
Quizteam Aguilera 44
Truly, Madly, Shitly 42
Argo By Toyota 42
1.21 Quiz-A-Watts 42
Werner Herzog Ate My Shoe 39
Russell Crowe’s Gonna Need A Bigger Boat 36.5
Casino Of Gold 34
Dork Side Of The Moon 33
The Angela Lansbury Experience 32
Pub Quiz Rookies 32
Kelly’s Heroes 31
The Village Belles 29
Aaaaaaaaaand Shi. T. 28
Pinky And The Brain 27
Quiz On My Face 25
One’s Company, Two’s A Crowd! 24
Flying Camels 24
Gable & Lombard 22.5
Mine’s Bigger Than Yours 17