November 2014

Boogaloo Knights Assemble
A scary knowledge of Denzel Washington soundtracks gave Boogaloo Knights Assemble a healthy lead in the first half and they managed to maintain it to the end.

The Shabbos Rollers
In second place, The Shabbos Rollers.

Fuck You, That's Our Team Name
And pulling themselves up to a podium position in the second half, Fuck You, That’s Our Team Name came in third.

Team Score (/70)
Boogaloo Knights Assemble 65
The Shabbos Rollers 62.5
Fuck You, That’s Our Team Name 59.5
Hitchcock & Balls 58
Romero & Juliet 2: Undead Lovers 57.5
Lights! Camera! Action Veasey! 57
You Can’t Handle The Quiz! 57
Exit Left, Pursued By A Bear 57
Steel Knights 49
Come Cin With Me 48.5
Dr Hfuhrururur 47.5
V For Vienetta 46.5
Elsa Fear 45.5
American Psycho 2: Hong Kong 45.5
The Minions 45
Mary Lee & The Blood-sucking Lawyer 45
Licence To Quiz 44
No Ado About Nothing 40.5
I Love VHS 40
Arse To Mouth: Taming Of The Poo 39.5
The Convolutions 37.5
“Why Are You Smiling? I Though You Said Tombola” 36.5
O’ Brother Where Art Thou 35
The Jets 34.5
Who Killed Captain Alex? 34
The A Team 33
You’re Gonna Need A Few More Chairs 33
Mathieu Flamini, Their 31
Do The Truffle Shuffle 30
The Unimaginatnes 30
Vicky Quiztina Barcelona 25.5