February 2014

Milk Was A Bad Choice
Our first winners of 2014 were Milk Was A Bad Choice.

That'll Do, Quiz, That'll Do
And our 90s special runners up were That’ll Do, Quiz, That’ll Do.

Team Score (/70)
Milk Was A Bad Choice 63
That’ll Do, Quiz, That’ll Do 58
Mild Peril & Some Sexy Scenes 55.5
Groundhog Pigfuck 53.5
Tom Cruise’s Beard 50.5
The Shitty Beatles 49.5
I Am Jack’s Failing Quiz Team 49
Tall, Blonde & Irish 48
Ritzy Quizness 47.5
Marky Mark Hates Unicorns 45
Mitch And Murray 44.5
We’re Gonna Need A Brain!!! 39.5
Unikitty’s Dark Thoughts 39
Incompotent Basterds 38.5
Bad Hair Day 37
Totally Clueless 34
John McLaine 32.5
Elite Hunting 31.5
First Timers 30.5
WTF’s Going On? 29.5
The ‘Z’ Team 28.5
We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Team 20