August 2014

Mild Peril And Some Sexy Scenes
With just half a point in it, Mild Peril & Some Sexy Scenes were our blockbuster special winners.

Milk Was A Bad Choice
Our blockbuster runners up were Milk Was A Bad Choice.

Team Score (/70)
Mild Peril And Some Sexy Scenes 61.5
Milk Was A Bad Choice 61
Jurassic Parp 59.5
I Killed My Lesbian Wife With A Chainsaw, Hung Her On A Meathook And Now I Have A 3-Quiz Deal At Disney 59
Green Screen Warriors 57.5
I Wouldn’t Have The Gravy, We’ve Had Complaints 57.5
They Mostly Quiz At Night.... Mostly 56
The Owen Hides 56
Bwaaaaaaaaaaaam (The Inception Noise) 55
“Yes, We Have A T-Rex” 54.5
Last But Not Least 53.5
The McIver Is Back 52.5
Wingkong Exchange 41
Mitch And Murray 41
We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Table 40
Before Bedtime 37.5
Mr Darcy 36.5
Aguilera 36
Death In Brixton 34.5
Isabelle & David 33
Not Quite Film Buffs 30.5
Making Everyone Else Look Good 28