February 2015

FU That's Our Team Name
After getting full marks in the first half, FU That’s Our Team Name definitely deserved to go home with the gold medal (and the PCC Memberships, Arnie book, Cult Move Cards from @HumanAfterAll and a lego thing).

I Can Eat A Peach For Hours
A phenomenal score on any other night, 62 points put I Can Eat A Peach For Hours in second place, and they celebrated with the champagne..

It came down to a tie-breaker for third place and some very carefully considered box office grosses secured third place for Choc ISIS, who ended up with the Superman blu-rays.

Team Score (/70)
FU That’s Our Team Name 65
I Can Eat A Peach For Hours 62
Choc ISIS 59
The Shabbos Rollers 59
Hitchcock & Balls 58
Strip Vease 57.5
Analrapists Ascending 56
I Came To See DJ Shadow At The Forum But All I Got Was This Lousy Quiz 51.5
Four Out Of Five 50.5
Kung Five Kunts 49
Alice Doesn’t Quiz Here Anymore 49
Dr. Hruhrururururur 48.5
We’d Win If We Had Our Big Daddy 48
The Minions 48
Martin Four-sese 46
V For Vienetta 46
Kentish Town Ain’t Big Enough For The Both Of Us 45
Inherent Lice 44
Come Cin With Me 44
Team Ninja 44
Arse To Mouth: Just Sharted 43.5
Everybody’s Talkin’ ‘Bout My Tight Pants 43
The Team With No Table 43
Straight To DVD 40.5
The Terracotta Army 40
Let’s Get Quizacle 39
Putting The Score In Scorsese 34
Kissing Jessica Fletcher 33
High Scorsese 28