July 2015

They Mostly Quiz At Night... Mostly
Brixton regulars They Mostly Quiz At Night… Mostly hit The Assembly House this month and romped home to victory, taking home a set of awesome Arrow Films Blu-Rays, plus a bunch of Vue Cinema vouchers courtesy of our friends at Digital Cinema Media.

Hitchcock & Balls
By half a point, Hitchcock & Balls came in second and took the champagne.

Horner's Mourners
Leaving Horner's Mourners in third place with the cuddly Sully and an Alfred Hitchcock boxset.

Team Score (/70)
They Mostly Quiz At Night… Mostly 58
Hitchcock & Balls 57.5
Horner's Mourners 54.5
Shabbos Rollers 49.5
Mr Barlow & Mr Straker's Big Night Out! 49.5
1.21 Quiz-A-Watts 49
Money For Greek Bailout 49
Fast And Veasey-ous 48.5
Sexy Friends of Sexy Williams Hague 48
Tall, Blonde, Irish, Black & Beardy 47.5
#handsfreeselfie 46.5
Team Aniston 46
Come Cin With Me 41.5
Dredged From Tinsletown's Festering Scrotum 41
Incoming Message From The Big Giant Quiz 41
We're Here To Chew Bubblegum & Play Some Darts 40
Dr. Hfufrururur 39
The Little Lebowski Suburban Achievers 39
Burt Lancaster's Bees 38.5
The Cheaters 38.5
The Birds 38
V For Vienetta 38
This Was Easier At The Boogaloo 30
Team Jen 29.5
The Schnozzbirries Taste Like Schnozzberries 29
We Didn't Realise How Serious This Quiz Was… 14
Shreevens 1