August 2015

God-Cilla vs Arfur Daley: They Don't Live
We had a switch around for 1st and 2nd place between the halves of the quiz, but it was God-Cilla vs Arfur Daley: They Don't Live who went home with the Odeon tickets, courtesy of our friends at DCM, and the blu-rays.

The Analrapists
Ending up in second place, but going home with some awesome Last Exit To Nowhere tops, The Analrapists.

Joey Jo Jo Junior Shabadoo
Hitting The Assembly House for a change, Joey Jo Jo Junior Shabadoo won the tie break and celebrated third place with the bubbly.

Team Score (/70)
God-Cilla vs Arfur Daley: The Don't Live 64.5
The Analrapists 62
Joey Jo Jo Junior Shabadoo 61
F.U. That's Our Team Name 61
The Shabbos Rollers 59
Fast And Veasey-ous 6 59
Boogaloo Knights Assemble 57.5
We're Here To Win Prizes And Chew Bubble Gum… 57
In Space, No One Can Hear You Quiz… 55
Can I Have A Quiz Please Bob? 54.5
My 20-Year Quiz Hell 54
Liz Hurled 53
Hitchcock & Balls 53
Mrs Quizfire 52
1.21 Quiz-a-Watts: Age Of Furymorrowland-world-man (vs. Spiderman) 51.5
The Fantastic Flop 51
Come Cin With Me 50.5
Seven Sodas 50.5
Some Days It's Just Not Worth Puttin' The Lotion In The Basket 50
Mary-Lee And The Blood-Sucking Lawyers 50
Quizlamic State 48
V For Vienetta 48
Kissing Jessica Fletcher 43.5
Little Lebowski Suburban Achievers 43
Dummer Blockbusters 43
How To Lose A Quiz In 10 Days 43
The Samosas Have Eyes 42.5
All Of The Things 40
Out Of Their Depth #Struggling 36.5
The Chumps 33
You're A Quizzard 'Arry 30.5
Dr Hfufurrur Minus 2 30.5
Quiz Akabusi 28.5
Jurassic 'Tufnell' Park 25
Sundicate 3 11