February 2015

Joey Jo-Jo Junior Shabadoo
Our stand-out winners for February were Joey Jo-Jo Junior Shabadoo.

Don't Cry For Me Marge & Tina
A close-run competition for second place ended up with Don't Cry For Me Marge & Tina breaking the three-way half-time tie and going home with silver.

More Books
And a mere half-point behind them, More Books.

Team Score (/70)
Joey Jo-Jo Junior Shabadoo 60
Don't Cry For Me Marge & Tina 57
More Books 56.5
Chewy's Balls 54
The R.O.U.S.s (Rodents of Unusual Size) 54
There's Only One Shade Of Grey 52
The Hateful Three 52
The Last Picturehouse Of Sand And Fog On The Left 51
50 Shades of Cray 49
The Greg O'Regan Experience 47
Fozzy Bear & The Moopets 47
Crouching Woman, Hidden Cucumber 47
Reservoir Frogs 46
The Dark Shite Rises 45
Every Breath Is A Victory 44.5
Elite Hunting 44
No Internet Connection 43
The Theory Of Wishing We Knew Everything 40
The Hackney Wickerman And The Last Con Airbenders! 40
Selma and Louise 40
Murghaaaaaaaaaaagh French Champagne 38
Manic Street Practitioners 37
Fetch Me A Dinghy 37
Team G-A-W-K 37
Pete Postlethwaite's Preposterous Posthumous Pizza Party 36
Flapdoodle 35
Bill and Ted (Chloe and Fred) 29