September 2015

We Have No Ephron Chance
(Finally!) a victory (on the tie break) for We Have No Ephron Chance!

Cheadle In A Haystack
With equal top marks, but losing the tie break, Cheadle In A Haystack.

Chewy's Three Amigos
…and in third place, Chewy's Three Amigos.

Team Score (/70)
We Have No Ephron Chance! 58
Cheadle In A Haystack 58
Chewy's Three Amigos 57.5
A Threat To Your National Security, Your Economic Security, Your Family's Security And Your Mum 55
Joey Jo Jo Junior Shabadoo 53
Rodents Of Unusual Size 50.5
Fozzie Bear & The Moopets 50
Come With Me If You Want To Quiz 49.5
Gone With The Titanic 49
I Like To Touch Myself At Night 49
Jeremy Corbin's Clear And Present Danger 46.5
60% Of The Time, We Win Every Time 44.5
Quiz Fellas 44.4
Fetch Me A Dinghy 44
The Birds 43.5
Manic Street Practitioners 34
One Third Of Elite Hunting 34
The Pioneers 33