‘London’s legendary film quiz’ (as described by Backstage) is Coming To America. We'll be over there to run a trial quiz on Saturday December 8 at The Three Clubs, 1123 Vine Street, Los Angeles and we hope to be back with some news about a permanent LA fixture for 2019.

A little tease...

News on the Hackney Attic

Those who were at Tuesday’s Hackney Attic quiz will know time is short for the quiz there. We have now been informed that the Hackney Attic will cease to be at the end of June.

We’ve been a fixture there since the doors first opened (over seven years ago) so we’re very sad to see it closed. However, the ‘good’ news is we are planning a MEGA QUIZ to celebrate our 150th edition of YGNABB in June, so we’ll be going out in style in Hackney!

We'll be carrying on at The Ritzy and The Lord Nelson while we look for a replacement venue for the Attic. If you have any suggestions for somewhere that can seat 100+ with a good AV setup, then we'd love to hear them.

Details on the You're Gonna Need A BIGGEST Boat extravaganza to follow soon - and we've still got two more quizzes before then!


Welcome to You’re Gonna Need A Bigger Blog, the imaginatively named companion blog to London’s best and longest-running film quiz You’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat!

It’s a place for us to share each month’s film quiz rounds (soundtracks, trailers, picture rounds) so that those of you outside London can play at home, as well as our specially created video montages (or 'supercuts' as the kids are calling them these days). We also hope that the Bigger Blog will become an online repository of all the interesting (and otherwise useless) movie trivia we’ve compiled during more than ten years of writing questions to test London’s most formidable film nerds (some of this has previously been published online at our old blog the Movie Miscellany, and we'll be gradually moving this information across, updating and expanding these old posts where possible).

Once all our May quiz nights are done, at the end of this month, we'll upload our soundtracks and trailer video rounds, and the picture round, so you can have a go yourself.

Hope to see you around!
Simon & Lee-Jay