Update On The Assembly House | February 2016
We have made the decision to pull out of the Assembly House. The new management haven’t been very responsive and, while they haven’t seen the quiz in action, it seems their new focus is on showing sport. It's a huge shame, but as you know, we need a specific setup (which the Assembly House staff needed to have ready for us each month) and we can get very busy. So without enthusiastic support from the venue it just wasn't going to work...there's just too much to go wrong and it would be unfair on you all.

We would be happy to hear from another suitable North (or Central) London venue, and if anyone knows of a venue that can seat 100+ with everyone able to see a screen, do let us know. We can offer a year’s free quiz entry as a finder’s fee!

In the meantime, we hope to see some of you North Londoners at our other London venues (we have TWO screenings of the quiz this month at the Ritzy cinema in Brixton as Tuesday 23rd is sold out so we have added Monday 29th to the mix).