Quiz Dates

You're Gonna Need A Bigger Boat is usually held on the third Tuesday of the month in Brixton, the last Monday of the month in the West End and the last Thursday of the month in Brentford. However, we often need to change dates so make sure you check back here before each quiz or better still, sign up for our email reminders.

If you're looking for the quiz Hackney Attic is closing down at the end of June we are looking for a replacement venue for the second half of 2018.

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BRIXTON • Upstairs at the Ritzy

BRIXTON • 2018
Tuesday 16th January
Tuesday 20th March
Tuesday 17th April
Tuesday 22nd May
Tuesday 19th & Wednesday 20th June • QUIZ 150 SPECIAL (two screenings)
Tuesday 10th July
Tuesday 18th September
Tuesday 16th October
Tuesday 20th November
Tuesday 18th December

WEST END • The Flamingo Room

WEST END • 2018
Wednesday 26th September
Monday 29th October
Monday 26th November
Monday 17th December

BRENTFORD • The Lord Nelson

Thursday 25th January • REVIEW-OF-THE-YEAR QUIZ
Thursday 22nd February
Thursday 29th March
Thursday 26th April
Thursday 31st May
Thursday 26th July
Thursday 30th August (Standard-length version of Quiz #150)
Thursday 27th September
Thursday 25th October
Thursday 29th November